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Terrain projects! 
So, I got myself some plaster at the local hobby shop, and I decided to try my hand at ruining some foam, turning it into a hill of sorts. It’s actually going to be a forest after I get more trees done, but a hill works in the meantime.
Anyways, as you can see, the process was pretty simple. First I took a big block of foam (I honestly forget what it’s called), and carved it into a more natural shape using a dremel grinding stone. Once I was happy with that, I mixed me some plaster, and gave it a nice, even (if slightly lumpy) coat. Once it had dried for a little bit, I took the brush and stippled the top and stroked the sides, giving it a look of rough, patchy earth with stony sides. 
Oh, and I made some rocks out of the leftover corner pieces. I actually think I may use the same plaster-on-foam method to make a Beastmen herdstone at some point. 

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Tutorial: Skink Shields.

Okay so here is a quick easy tutorial on how to get your skink shields looking great.

Step 1. Base coat shields, this is just simply throwing down a base colour on the shields I did a Fortress Grey base for my purple shields and a Regal Blue Base for my Blue shields.

Step 2. Wash the shields, I used Laviathan Purple and Asurmen Blue on these.

Step 3. Detail, go through and paint up all the little feathers and bits of rope holding the metal plates on and.

Step 4. Highlighting, This is just simply painting light thin lines on raised areas/edges etc, on my Purple/Grey shields I highlighted using fortress Grey and blue ones Mordian Blue.

Step 5. Metals, just go round and paint up the metal parts with whatever you like, I used Dwarf Bronze on all of these shields, but Chainmail and Shining Gold work well to.

That’s them done!

I chose to do these because they look really intimidating with all the scales and tiny parts, but as you can see they are a breeze, just a few things to remember:

  1. Don’t be shy with the wash, make sure it seeps into the cracks, it will do a fair bit of your highlighting for you as it naturally runs from higher surfaces.
  2. Don’t worry about getting your base colour on things it shouldn’t be on, you’ll clean it up later anyway.
  3. Experiment, these shields can be any colour using this simple technique or base, wash, detail, highlight will work with everything.

Also You might be thinking why 2 colours? well there are 2 reasons:

  1. I wanted to show how any colours will work with this method.
  2. For my army I plan, 30 skinks which will don the purple shields and 20 skink skirmishers which will be taking the blue shields!

Hope you enjoy this and find it useful!

Useful tips!

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So I wanted to start of my tips and tutorial by jsut going over the basics, so here is a quick how to base tutorial.

Step 1. Paint your base any colour you wish, I use Calthan Brown on my Rohan force to complement the Earthy feel of their colours, Bleached bone on my Lizardmen to contrast their dark colouring, and Scorched Brown on my Empire to Compliment their light colouring.

Step 2. Paint top of base with PVA Glue, any will do doesn’t have to be GW I use a cheaper better alternative from a craft store.

Step 3. Dip in modelling sand then tap off excess.

Step 4. Paint PVA on top of sand in where ever you grass, then sprinkle flock over the base tapping of any excess.

And you are done leave to dry for a while and you mini’s are based.

Things you can add.

  1. Rocks, just simply put some glue on the base or the bottom of the rock and stick it down.
  2. Little shrubs, using clump foliage ect.
  3. Devlin Mud wash on the sand, to gain a muddy look rather then a sandy look.

Hope this helps out.

Huh, can’t believe I missed this. Useful tips, actually.

I do mine a little bit differently, though; the general consensus is to wait for the glue holding the sand on to dry before attempting to add any flock or mud wash. I, however, dab on wash while the glue is still wet (very, VERY gently so you don’t end up with squished puddles of brown glue), and just sprinkle flock over that. You end up getting this neat, marshy, almost swamp-like battlefield effect, with a decent coverage of sparse grass and nice textures. It’s usually pretty fast and easy to do, too.

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