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councilof13 asked: Liking the Nurgle marines! If you've not tried the new Citadel paint range, I can highly recommend the new 'texture' series for inst-nurgle-gribbliness. :)

Ooh, sounds like a plan. I have no access whatsoever to a Games Workshop usually, but I’m heading up to the big city in a week or two and I’ll be able to try something out. I do really like the look of the texture paints, and I’m totally gonna try out some models with that. 
But, more than anything, I’ve really learned a lot about using Green Stuff (or some weird white Japanese equivalent of it, anyways). Nurgly blobs are easy to craft and learn from ^__^

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: Raptors/Plague Marines Progress


Those are my gummy plague marines, I’m making the best I can of them. Right now I’m working on adding rust to the edges of the armor and then I’ll probably work on the trim. Think I’m going to try to find a way to harden them after they’re painted up. Right now, if I apply slight…

Wow, these are spectacular models. That’s some classy greenstuff modelling there. 

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